Karthik Consulting wins OASIS Pool 1 prime task order to support DCO-S

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Reston, VA: July 10, 2020 Karthik Consulting, LLC (KC) today announced that it won a prime contract to provide Agile DevSecOps for Defensive Cyber Operations for Space (DCO-S) under the US Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. The Center is responsible for the effective planning, acquisition, management and administration of Air Force worldwide space and missile systems programs in support of global military operations. The Center acquires systems with capabilities to exploit space and provide Combatant Commanders the capabilities they need to guarantee space superiority for our nation.

This Task Order provides a broad range of capabilities to execute effective and responsive integrated program management of space-related research, development, production, and lifecycle acquisition activities. KC will support the creation and implementation of a development environment and maintain the core DCO-S product with the goal of increasing the velocity of software delivery. 

“We are excited to be chosen as the prime contractor, among the several competitive bids on OASIS Pool 1, to design build and maintain the DCO-S product, DevSecOps platform and provide SAFe Agile Release Teams. It’s further validation of our Agile DevSecOps methodology and capabilities.” said Mr. Felix Martin, KC’s VP of Business Development and Capture.