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Department of Navy, Seaport-e Contract

Team Members

Seaport-e Task Orders

TO Number Solicitation Number Zone Customer Award Date Ordering Activity
N00178-10-D-6130-EE01 N00024-13-R-3119 2 Office of Naval Research (ONR) 8/27/2013 ONR

Points of Contact

For all Seaport questions contact:

Felix Martin
Phone: (703) 342-4568

Quality Assurance

For each task, the task manager will prepare a task order management plan that includes a detailed QA Plan (QAP) describing how we control our processes and assure that top quality products are delivered. For each task order we augment it with other processes, management tools, and techniques for specific types of work. The QAP defines standards, techniques for measuring compliance, an approach for eliminating causes of unsatisfactory performance, and roles, responsibilities, and resources. Using this approach, we will meet or exceed performance standards.Quality reviews will be complete, comprehensive, and multi-tiered, including peer reviews, desktop reviews, in-process reviews, and event reviews.

Role Responsibilities
Program Manager Coordinate, monitor, and assess task order execution; Assess progress, verify compliance and approve deliverables; operational responsibility for every day issues including invoicing; coordinate with KC management and COR for any additional surge support. Review deliverables for quality and accuracy
Contracts Coordinate contract requirements with the Contracting Officer; provide notice of any relevant and significant contracting issues and requirements including funding actions, contract modifications, and progress updates in contract execution.
Quality Assurance Review deliverables for quality and timeliness
Finance Assess and apply adequate financial controls and monitoring of contract financial execution.
Accounting Perform final review and approval of invoices, payments, ODCs, and audits.
Facility Security Officer (FSO) Manage security requirements, issue and maintain DD254s, employee visit letters, new clearances and re-investigations