Karthik Consulting wins prime task order to support JAIC

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Reston, VA: June 10, 2020 Karthik Consulting, LLC (KC) today announced that it has been awarded a prime contract to support the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) Joint Common Foundation (JCF). The JAIC’s JCF is a cloud-enabled AI/ML platform that will accelerate the development, testing, and fielding of new AI/ML capabilities. The JCF will be a DoD-authorized, ready-to-use development platform with all the tools, frameworks, standards, processes, and other resources that DoD entities need to build, test, and field AI/ML projects and applications. As more strategic and tactical data is brought in and more use cases are built out by the JCF, other DoD entities will be able to leverage and build on that data and any previously built AI/ML models and applications. The JCF will play an integral role in accelerating and scaling AI/ML solutions for the U.S. military.

As the prime contractor KC will support the development, test, and runtime environment and the collaboration tools, reusable assets, and data that military services need to build, refine, test, and field AI/ML applications. KC will also be responsible to support the RMF process and obtain the initial Authority to Operate (ATO) for JCF.

“We are honored to be chosen as the prime contractor to design, build and operate the JCF platform. It’s a validation of our Agile DevSecOps and cybersecurity capabilities.” said Karthik Balasubramanian, KC’s President and CEO.