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Karthik Consulting wins USAF A26 ICE BPA prime task order to support the Air Force Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Superiority Directorate AF/A2/6L.

Falls Church, VA: September 29, 2023

Karthik Consulting, LLC (KC) today announced that it won a prime Task Order to provide specialized expertise to complement AF/A2/6L’s inherent resources for mission accomplishment, introduction of innovation, and enhancement of technical competence. We are excited to be chosen as the prime contractor, among the several competitive bids on USAF A26 ICE BPA, to support the Air Force EMS AF/A2/6L requirements. KC provides support to  AF EWS Requirements by coordinating and liaising with (1) the LeMay Center for EMS-related doctrine development,   (2) AETC, Space and Cyberspace organizations to define functions of an EMS operator, establish EMS-related training and warfighting culture; (3) AF/A3 on readiness issues; (4) AFPC to establish and manage the future EMS-related career field, personnel billets and assignments; and (5) EMS-related enterprises outside the Air Force.

KC provides support to Advanced Programs Division (AF/A2/6LZ) which serves as representative to the Joint Air Dominance Organization (JADO) and is responsible for (1) liaison with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, AF/A5/7 Air Force Futures, and MAJCOMs for EMS-related capability development and requirements; (2) liaison with SAF/AQ, MAJCOMs, DoD laboratories, Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) and industry to advocate for the integration of advanced technology into EMS-related programs; and (3) liaison with SAF/AAZ to establish the EMS Special Access Program Office and to plan for access management.

KC also provides support to the Management & Integration Division (AF/A2/6LI) which is responsible for (1) liaison with AF/A2/6, AF/A8, and MAJCOMs regarding Air Force Planning and Program Objective Memorandum (POM) development; (2) supporting EMS superiority force and capability development by advocating for funding in Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPB&E) processes; (3) program element monitor duties for select EMS-related program elements; and (4) management of activities of the Spectrum Integration Group.

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Karthik Consulting was founded in 2008 to be a reliable and trusted advisor for our customers, providing independent, unbiased, and proven solutions that mitigate risk and help solve enterprise-wide IT challenges.

Our Cyber Security, Software Development and Program Management focus areas (and work methodology) ensure that we can deliver not just solutions, but architecture that scales and grows with the customer's needs over time. We are able to assist in projects ranging from short advisory engagements to assembling a full team to deliver a solution from concept through implementation and on-going management. KC has access to industry experts in various technologies and teaming partners to meet any of your IT challenges.

The vision of KC is to bring the innovation, passion and agility of the commercial IT industry to meet the unique challenges of the federal government. We are a DOD Cleared Facility with a DCAA-approved accounting system.

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