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GSA 8(a) Streamlined Technology Application Resource for Services (STARS) III

Contract Number: 47QTCB21D0109
Contract Period: 6/17/2021 – 6/16/2031
Contract Type: GWAC Multiple Award IDIQ
Task Order Types: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Labor Hour, and Mixed Orders
Task Order Duration: Up to 7 years
Point of Contact: Felix Martin
Email: stars3@karthikconsulting.com
KC DUNS: 828199880
Eligibility: All federal agencies may place task orders against this contract.
Program Ceiling: $50 Billion
GSA (8a) STARS III Website: http://www.gsa.gov/stars3
STARS III Ordering Guide: https://www.gsa.gov/cdnstatic/Integrated_Technology_Services/SBGWACOGNovember2021.pdf

STARS III is the Right Choice

Streamlined and Flexible. The STARS III GWAC is set aside for small businesses that participate in the Small Business Administration 8(a) program. It provides all federal defense and civilian agencies with an efficient, flexible way to order information technology services and solutions worldwide while accruing 8(a) socio-economic credit.

About GSA (8a) STARS III

C.1 – Information Technology Services:

Typical IT services covered include:

  1. Data Management
  2. Information and Communications Technology
  3. IT Operations and Maintenance
  4. IT Security / IT workforce augmentation
  5. Software Development
  6. Systems Design

C.2 – Sub-Area 1: Emerging Technology-Focused IT Services:

This sub-area provides for IT services-based solutions which involve emerging technology (ET) such as:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) (including Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Generation)
  2. Autonomic Computing
  3. Blockchain / Distributed Ledger
  4. Quantum Computing
  5. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  6. Technological Convergence
  7. Virtual Reality (VR) (including Augmented Reality, Extended/Mixed Reality)

C.2 – Sub-Area 2: IT Services performed outside of CONUS:

This sub-area provides for IT services-based solutions to be performed outside the contiguous United States (OCONUS).

Features of STARS III GWAC

  • Pre-competed, multiple award contracts
  • Aligned with Federal Enterprise Architecture
  • Five-year base with one, five-year option
  • Ordering procedures based on Fair Opportunity (FAR 16.505)
  • Directed task orders up to $4M (proposed to be increased to $8M under FY22 NDAA)


  • Enables federal clients to earn 8(a) and Small Business Credit
  • Pre-competed, easy-to-use contracts
  • Saves time and money by reducing procurement lead time
  • Free training and support from STARS III GWAC acquisition team
  • Avoids bundling concerns
  • Limited protestability in accordance with NDAA 2008
  • Low user fee (0.0075) capped for large orders
  • Offers flexibility of contract types to mitigate risk
  • Minimizes protest risk and supports timely order award for optimal mission support

Other Case Studies

Take a look at what KC is doing to contribute to global cyber security, agile software development and cloud services.


Karthik Consulting was founded in 2008 to be a reliable and trusted advisor for our customers, providing independent, unbiased, and proven solutions that mitigate risk and help solve enterprise-wide IT challenges.

Our Cyber Security, Software Development and Program Management focus areas (and work methodology) ensure that we can deliver not just solutions, but architecture that scales and grows with the customer's needs over time. We are able to assist in projects ranging from short advisory engagements to assembling a full team to deliver a solution from concept through implementation and on-going management. KC has access to industry experts in various technologies and teaming partners to meet any of your IT challenges.

The vision of KC is to bring the innovation, passion and agility of the commercial IT industry to meet the unique challenges of the federal government. We are a DOD Cleared Facility with a DCAA-approved accounting system.

Felix Martin, 571 435 7632 fmartin@karthikconsulting.com



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