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We protect agencies from cyber threats

Keeping up with cybersecurity is mission-critical to safeguarding agency data and national security.

Keeping up with cybersecurity is mission-critical to safeguarding agency data and national security. As Government customers look to implement solutions that help identify and prioritize security incidents, risks, and vulnerabilities and gain visibility over their infrastructure, they need a trusted implementation partner. KC has over a decade of experience helping Government customers like the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the US Army Combat Readiness Center (USACRC) US Air Force (USAF) Air Combat Command (ACC) implement solutions that keep agencies safe from cyber threats with risk and vulnerability assessments, cloud security reviews, FedRAMP audits, Section 508 audits, and PIA assessments.

Key Capabilities

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Karthik Consulting (KC) conducts risk and vulnerability assessments on systems and infrastructure. KC conducts in-depth reviews of your risk posture and determines your best steps towards a stronger cybersecurity plan, just as we did by developing a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) for the Office of Naval Research (ONR).
Certification and Accreditation (C&A)
KC supports Certification and Accreditation requirements such as Section 508, FISMA, or RMF compliance. Karthik Consulting can help evaluate your current portfolio and help you bring your agency into compliance.
Cloud Security Review
Many agencies are looking to comply with DISA Cloud Security requirements while also keeping compliance with their individual agency’s security mandates. Karthik Consulting can help you understand your current cloud security posture and the requirements needed to comply with DISA standards.
FISCAM/FISMA Audit Support
Karthik Consulting has nearly a decade of experience helping our clients like the Office of Naval Research pass their FISCAM audit as well as maintain FISMA and RMF compliance.
RMF (NIST 800-53, CSF)
Is your agency looking to improve its security controls and comply with the NIST’s Risk Management Framework? Turn to Karthik Consulting, which has helped agencies like theJoint Common Foundation (JCF) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) and the Office of Naval Research implement solutions to comply with various RMF information security controls like the NIST’s 800-53.
Application Security Scanning Tools (IBM AppScan, HP Fortify)
An unsecured application can have ramifications across your entire portfolio. Trust Karthik Consulting to help your agency adopt and implement a scanning tool that can protect your agency throughout the development lifecycle and keep your agency in regulatory compliance.
Does your agency have a FedRAMP compliance initiative for your new cloud platform? Cloud Service Providers like ServiceNow have recently made moves to get their cloud platforms FedRAMP-certified for their Government customers. FedRAMP’s Joint Authorization Board has set out standards for the role of the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) in the JAB authorization process. As agencies move their IT infrastructure to the cloud, Karthik Consulting can help you work with your CSP to ensure you have a FedRAMP-ready deployment that can pass the CSP audit.
Security Control Assessment Validation (SCA-V)
Karthik Consulting can provide experienced Security Control Assessment Validation (SCA-V) services to Government customers looking for an independent evaluation of their agency’s security controls against the NIST’s Risk Management Framework through auditing, security reviews, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing.
Conduct PIA Assessments
When developing or procuring new systems that could handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII), a PIA assessment may be needed to evaluate legal compliance and protections in place to protect personal information. Karthik Consulting has helped agencies like the Office of Naval Research conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) regarding the usage of Personally Identifiable Information to protect the data of citizens and Federal employees.

Other Case Studies

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Karthik Consulting was founded in 2008 to be a reliable and trusted advisor for our customers, providing independent, unbiased, and proven solutions that mitigate risk and help solve enterprise-wide IT challenges.

Our Cyber Security, Software Development and Program Management focus areas (and work methodology) ensure that we can deliver not just solutions, but architecture that scales and grows with the customer's needs over time. We are able to assist in projects ranging from short advisory engagements to assembling a full team to deliver a solution from concept through implementation and on-going management. KC has access to industry experts in various technologies and teaming partners to meet any of your IT challenges.

The vision of KC is to bring the innovation, passion and agility of the commercial IT industry to meet the unique challenges of the federal government. We are a DOD Cleared Facility with a DCAA-approved accounting system.

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