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Air Force Small Business Enterprise Application Solutions (SBEAS) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

Contract Number: FA8771 20 D 0011
Period of Performance: 12/19/2019 – 12/18/2029
Contract Type: Multiple Award IDIQ
Task Order Types: CPFF, FFP
Task Order Duration: 5 years
Program Ceiling: $13.3B
Website: https://www.netcents.af.mil/Contracts/SBEAS/

Mission Assured Solutions, LLC a Joint Venture (JV) with KC, is the holder of the prime contract
DUNS: 080705244
FEIN: 82-1753202

Small Business Enterprise Applications Solutions (SBEAS) IDIQ

The purpose of this IDIQ contract is to provide a vehicle for the Air Force to access a wide range of IT Network Centric services and solutions that support the IT lifecycle. The SBEAS IDIQ contracts are the preferred source of obtaining IT application services and solutions for the Program Executive Office (PEO) Business and Enterprise Systems (BES). Per Air Force directive, the Contracting Officers (COs) should consider the use of the SBEAS IDIQ contract vehicle first when meeting BES IT requirements. However, this contract vehicle may be used by all other Air Force MAJCOMs and other agencies that support an Air Force requirement.


SBEAS includes a comprehensive suite of IT services and solutions described in the next page, to support IT systems and software development in a variety of environments and infrastructures. Additional IT services include, but are not limited to documentation, operations, deployment, cybersecurity, configuration management, training, COTS product management and utilization, technology refresh, data and information services, information display services and business analysis for IT programs.

The new contract has a total ceiling of $13.4B and was awarded for use within the BES directorate. This is a preferred procurement vehicle for a wide range of BES IT network centric services and solutions that support the IT lifecycle.

MAS has you covered

MAS brings our unique experiences, value propositions, and project successes together to offer a comprehensive, single option that will deliver innovation and solid returns on your IT investments. Our integrated management team ensures consistent performance and quality across all programs and offers SBEAS customers a single Program Management Office (PMO) interface to maintain all task order planning, execution and reporting in real time.

Technical Support Areas


Life Cycle Software Services

  • Developing/Implementation
  • Re-Engineering
  • Data or System Migration
  • Modernization
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf/Government-off-the-shelf/Free and Open Source Software ERP


  • Vulnerabilities and Threats
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Availability
  • Risk Management
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Accountability

Information Technology Business Analysis

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Testing, Validation and Verification
    • Obtaining, Verifying Providing Data
    • Evaluating System or Software Components
    • Confirming System Elements Meet Design-to or Build-to Specifications
  • Service Desk/Help Desk
    • Access Management
    • Event Management
    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Request Management
  • Functional Business Area Expert (FBAE)
    • As Is or To Be Operational/Functional Business Process
    • Identify Inadequacies and Deficiencies

Programming Languages/Frameworks

  • Java, COBOL, PowerBuilder, .NET, ColdFusion, C#
  • JavaScript, Perl, SQL, PYTHON, PHP
  • SWIFT, Ruby On Rails, JavaScript MV* Frameworks, Spark

Tools / Software Development Methodologies

  • Security (Fortify, Sonotype, AppScan)
  • Quality (Sonar, AppDynamic, CAST Code Analysis)
  • Testing (HP ALM, Selenium, Quick Test Pro)
  • Software Development Methodologies

Platforms / Environments

  • Mainframe, Mid-tier/Client-server, Web Services
  • Customer’s Facility
  • Commercial, Non-Commercial or Hybrid Cloud
  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Enterprise Computing Center (DECC) or DOD

Database Components

  • Relation Database Management System (RDBMS): Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, SyBase,
    Postgresql, MarialDB, JasperSoft, MYSQL
  • NoSQL database: Postgresql , Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark, CouchDBCouchDB
  • RDBMS or NoSQL: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, SyBase, Postgresql, MarialDB, JasperSoft,
    MYSQL, Casandra, MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark, CouchDB

Mobile/Internet of Things (IOT)

  • New Mobile Application Development: Apple IOS, Windows, Android
  • Legacy Application & Mobile Integration Services: Apple IOS, Windows, Android
  • Automatic Identification Technology (AIT)/Sensors/RFID: Active or Passive

Server Operating Systems

  • Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE, UBUNTU

Other Case Studies

Take a look at what KC is doing to contribute to global cyber security, agile software development and cloud services.


Karthik Consulting was founded in 2008 to be a reliable and trusted advisor for our customers, providing independent, unbiased, and proven solutions that mitigate risk and help solve enterprise-wide IT challenges.

Our Cyber Security, Software Development and Program Management focus areas (and work methodology) ensure that we can deliver not just solutions, but architecture that scales and grows with the customer's needs over time. We are able to assist in projects ranging from short advisory engagements to assembling a full team to deliver a solution from concept through implementation and on-going management. KC has access to industry experts in various technologies and teaming partners to meet any of your IT challenges.

The vision of KC is to bring the innovation, passion and agility of the commercial IT industry to meet the unique challenges of the federal government. We are a DOD Cleared Facility with a DCAA-approved accounting system.

Felix Martin, 571 435 7632 fmartin@karthikconsulting.com



GSA OASIS Pool 1 and 3
NIH CIO-SP3 8(a) & SB
Air Force SBEAS
Army RS3
Navy Seaport-NexGen