Project and Program Management

Project and program management is one of the most in-demand skillsets in today’s corporate world. Projects must meet specifications, be built in a timely manner, satisfy all the stakeholders, and stay on budget. Karthik Consulting has nearly 11 years of experience setting up project management offices (PMOs) that help establish business processes and develop standard operating procedures for customers like the Office of Naval Research (ONR), National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP), and WMATA. Karthik Consulting has extensive experience with financial management, S&T program management, contracts and grants management, risk management, knowledge management, and configuration management and can leverage its experience in agile software development to bring agile workflows to project and program management.

Key Capabilities

  • Setup and Operate PMO

    Is your agency looking to set up a centralized Project Management Office (PMO)? In 2008, Karthik Consulting helped establish the Project Management Office for the Office of Naval Research (ONR), which provided project and program management support services for task orders. The PMO was responsible for developing cost analyses of projects, developing evaluation plans, evaluating changes to systems, managing projects, developing schedules, conducting meetings and developing project deliverables.

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

    Is your agency searching for a partner who can conduct independent verification and validation audits? Karthik Consulting has years of experience assuring projects both meet the needs of the stakeholders and conform to its project requirements. In 2017, Boeing Tapestry Solutions chose Karthik Consulting to conduct bi-weekly IPRs with Tapestry stakeholders to discuss project details, progress reports, and conduct testing and verification of functions outlined in the project’s manifesto.

  • Contracts and Grants Management

    Are you looking for a trusted partner to help your PMO deal with contracts and grants management? Trust Karthik Consulting to coordinate your contracts team. In 2012, Karthik Consulting worked with the Office of Naval Research to monitor the execution of provider contracts for compliance including assessing work progress, schedule and financial compliance, deliverable submission, quality assurance. Karthik Consulting also coordinated obligation and expenditure reports to track progress of all provider contracts, disseminated white papers to Technical Directors, conducted feasibility analysis of financial proposals, and provided recommendations as appropriate.

  • Financial Management

    Are you looking for a trusted partner to help with your financial management? Karthik Consulting can help you tie your spending to budgetary goals. In 2012, Karthik Consulting worked with the Office of Naval Research to manage the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) process to include responding to Navy Financial Management and Budget (FMB) reports/data calls.

  • S&T Program Management

    Do you need a trusted partner to help manage your S&T programs? Karthik Consulting has extensive experience working with government customers to support their S&T panels, programs, and reviews. In 2017, Karthik Consulting worked with the National Oceanographic Partnership Program to manage a congressionally-mandated S&T panel and the NOPP’s program office. Karthik Consulting also supported the S&T review process.

  • Risk Management

    Are you looking for a trusted partner who can handle Risk Management and Assessment? In 2014, Karthik Consulting developed an extensive risk and vulnerability assessment for the Office of Naval Research which included mitigating existing vulnerabilities in a suite of applications and developing risk management protocols.

  • Acquisition Support

    Karthik Consulting can help your team with extensive experience in acquisition support. We are a DoD-cleared facility with a DCAA-approved accounting system, ready to assist with the DCAA audit process. We can help with acquisition support, RFX solicitation documents, small business requirements, and navigating contract vehicles like GSA Schedule 70, GSA 8(a) STARS II, Navy Seaport-e, Navy Seaport NxGen, Army RS3, SPAWAR HHS PSC IDIQ, NIH CIO-SP3, and FAA eFAST.

  • Knowledge Management

    Karthik Consulting can help your team consolidate and share its information with extensive Knowledge Management experience. We have helped agencies like the ONRG enable the prompt presentation of the most current and accurate information in the Command’s Knowledge Management systems by modernizing and optimizing their Microsoft SharePoint server. This also enabled ONRG to add, delete, and edit content in the Global SharePoint libraries, enforce Site Permission policies for groups and individual users, maintain and edit SharePoint business applications and workflows, and implement configuration standards for SharePoint content to ensure maximum discovery of searchable content.