Falls Church, VA
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Bhomik Harmani

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Harmani is a skilled professional with over 25 years of expertise in strategic partnership creation, business development, and financial strategy. His adept management of multimillion-dollar projects, startups, and task-oriented teams highlights his versatile skill set. With a foundation in mainstream finance and a genuine enthusiasm for technology, Mr. Harmani significantly contributes to KC’s growth plans. His focus on scalability, capacity optimization, capability building, and corporate governance aligns seamlessly to achieve real growth.

Having practiced corporate finance with prestigious and boutique investment houses, Mr. Harmani’s global experience includes collaborations with organizations such as the USAid, the IFC, and the Africa Development Bank. His commitment to propelling businesses along the growth curve is evident through the delivery of innovative solutions to intricate problems. A proven leader, he has consistently led cross-functional teams, engaged stakeholders, and collaborated with executives to provide actual results!

Mr. Harmani holds a degree in Finance and International Business from Jacksonville University, supplemented by a Postgraduate degree in Finance from Stellenbosch University.